What to Expect

Unlike many medical procedures, bariatric surgery is part of a long term weight loss journey. As such, it involves many steps to make sure you are physically and mentally prepared.

Physical Exam

We determine your candidacy for surgery after reviewing your full medical history, and will discuss any clearances you may need, which may include a cardiology, hematology or endocrinology evaluation, or a sleep study. We also discuss finances and break down costs that would be covered by your insurance and out-of pocket.

Psychological Evaluation

The goal of the consultation is to ensure you have a full understanding of the commitment and motivation necessary for the lifestyle changes needed before and after surgery.

Pre-Surgery Consultation

You’ll meet your surgeon, agree upon a date, and begin your meal replacement plan, which will begin your weight loss journey and enhance surgery outcomes. Lab work and medical clearances are completed, as well as meetings with our registered dietitian and exercise specialist to create a foundation that will ensure success post-surgery.

We figure out how to make the nutrition goals fit into your life.”

– Brooke Bubolz, MS, RDN on the Presurgery Consultation


Surgeries take place at E.W. Sparrow Hospital in Lansing.


Following surgery, you’ll recover in our specialty hospital unit with our bariatric-trained nursing staff.

Post-Operation Support

You’ll have regular follow-up appointments with our bariatric specialists to help you adjust to your new reality.

Our patients have a high success rate of maintaining weight loss. That is partly because we follow up so closely.”

– Brooke Bubolz, MS, RDN on the Presurgery Consultation

Life After Surgery

As you take control of your health, you may need support for other obesity-related health challenges. Sparrow’s Bariatric services department has a dedicated doctor to oversee this part of your care. You’ll have ongoing support from our physical therapists, registered dietitians and behaviorists, to help you make effective changes that last.

A New Hope

You’ve tried everything. Let bariatric surgery set you up on a weight loss journey that works.

Find out if you Qualify

Take our brief survey to see if you qualify. Your information will be kept confidential.